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Shadow patterns : reflections on Fay Jones and his architecture
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Jeff Shannon is professor of architecture and former dean of the Fay Jones School of Architecture. He has devoted most of his career to practicing and teaching architecture in his native Arkansas.
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Introduction &; Robert Ivy Jr.

1. Fayetteville &; David Buege and Jeff Shannon

2. Shining in the Shadow: The Architecture of Fay Jones and Frank Lloyd Wright &; Robert McCarter

3. The Paradigm Shift &; Greg Herman

4. Fay Jones&;s Crosby Structures in Mississippi: Personal Views &; Steve Sheppard

5. Nature and Humanity in a Simple Shed: Fay Jones&;s Pinecote Pavilion &; Ethel Goodstein-Murphree

6. Fay Jones&;s Stoneflower, Eden Isle, Arkansas &; Richard Longstreth

7. Reflections on My Friend, Fay Jones &; Dale Mulfinger

8. Elemental and Singular: The Poetic Magic of Fay Jones &; Juhani Pallasmaa

9. Presence and Absence &; Karen Cordes Spence

10. Fay Jones &; Roy Reed

11. Living with Light &; Ellen Gilchrist

12. Working with Fay Jones &; John Womack

13. A Turtle on a Fence Post &; James P. Cramer

14. Memories of Fay Jones &; Tom Lutz

15. A Coda: Twenty Photographs and Four Verbs &; Timothy Hursley and Peter MacKeith

- (Chicago Distribution Center)

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