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Iris Apfel : accidental icon : musings of a geriatric starlet
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“I never want to be an old fuddy-duddy;

I hold the self-proclaimed record for being the World’s Oldest Living Teenager and I intend to keep it that way.”

—Iris Apfel

One of the most dynamic personalities in the worlds of fashion, textiles, and interior design—and hands down the most vital, witty nonagenarian in the solar system—Iris Apfel is a true original. 

Now, this contemporary legend, whose authenticity, candor, and infectious energy have earned her fans of all ages worldwide, has created an entertaining, thought-provoking, visually arresting, and exciting volume that captures her irrepressible joie de vivre.

Astute maxims, anecdotes from childhood to the present, essays on style and various subjects—from the decline of manners to risk-taking—fill the book, as do lists proclamatory, revelatory, and advisory. A bold, highly colorful design that varies from page to page presents a characteristically improvisational pastiche of vibrant images including personal photographs and mementos, images from top international fashion photographers, specially commissioned art by renowned illustrators, and a range of surprising novelties.

This is a rare book by a rare bird, indeed.


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